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Your one-stop-shop to find real-estate leads for off-market deals.
We sell lists of pre-probate inheritance leads for real-estate marketing purposes.

What Separates Us?

There are two keys to landing a good off-market real-estate deal. The first is motivation and the second is exclusivity. The idea is simple: The homeowner must want to sell their property (motivation) and you must be the only one that they’re talking to about it (exclusivity). If you have these two, then you have a tremendous opportunity to get a good deal on the property. USLeadList meets these criteria head-on -- both in how we make our list and in how we run our business.

We will find you motivated sellers who haven't been targeted by anyone else in the real-estate industry. Read below to understand why we are indisputably the best Pre-Probate list provider in America.

Limited Sales to Promote Your Success:

Our customers can rest soundly in the knowledge that any property which appears on our pre-probate list will only ever get sold a maximum of three times (yes -- if available, you can buy all three spots for sole marketing rights). Our competitors do not cap their sales, we checked. This means that the good money you spend on marketing with a competitor’s list will likely be wasted due to over-saturation. How can you expect to grab the property owner’s attention when they have already been bombarded by other offers?

With USLeadList, you can rest-assured knowing that the properties you market to on our pre-probate lead list will have very limited competition.

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Up to 60% More Inheritance Leads:

The pre-probate inheritance list is what we do – We are proud to offer it and have worked hard to cultivate a high performing product for our customers. We process and source our inheritance list from beginning to end. This customization allows us a high level of control over the quality and consistency of our inheritance leads. We “squeeze the lemon” out of each step to get every pre-probate lead possible across the entire nation.

The result is our inheritance list -- a pre-probate lead source which is unique to USLeadList and is full of untapped opportunity. We make our own list via our own process and stand by our product. Our competitors purchase over-saturated canned lists and sell them as their own.

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Increase Your ROI:

Which is more precise, a water-balloon or a dart?

Most real-estate lists are like the water-balloon in this metaphor – They operate on the premise of high-volume scattershot, hoping that one of the many letters which gets sent will eventually yield something. This method can certainly work – even a blind squirrel will occasionally stumble upon a nut, but the problem is that direct mail-marketing can be expensive and not everyone has the deep pockets it takes to run one of these high-volume mail campaigns.

Our Pre-Probate leads are like the dart. We have developed a lead list which is targeted to home-owners who are highly motivated to sell. This type of precision ultimately saves our customers a significant amount of marketing dollars and time, thus boosting their ROI and the value of our inheritance list.

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A Perpetual Supply of Fresh Pre-Probate Leads in Your Area:

With our pre-probate data, you know what you’re going to get – freshly supplied pre-probate inheritance leads delivered to your inbox monthly.

When you buy data from our competition, do they disclose when their data was last updated? The properties on their lists are likely to be stale, picked over, over-marketed, already sold, or under contract.

We go out of our way to generate a brand-new inheritance list each month which is based on the latest nationwide real-estate information. Our pre-probate leads are fresh, targeted, relevant, and ready to be marketed by you and your firm.

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Our Inheritance Lead List Has Been Meticulously Scrubbed:

Throughout the process of creating our list, we continually scrub and deduplicate to make sure that what we offer are the freshest real-estate leads in your market. We check against our past-lists, ensure real-estate ownership, clean-up property addresses, check for alternate mailing addresses, and then format the list so that it's ready for mailing.

After we create our pre-probate lead list, the final thing we do is check each individual lead against MLS and Zillow records. We then remove any real-estate leads which are currently for sale, pending, or have been sold in the last 12 months.

We do this because we don't want you wasting your time and money on pre-probate leads which have already been sold. We are in the business of making your Real-estate business a success.

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Our Data Guarantee:

If USPS First-Class stamps were used to mail out letters/post cards in a mailing campaign to one of our pre-probate lead lists, then we will issue credits for any returned letters that come back to you.

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We Are Real People:

You can call us and talk to a real person. sure you’ve experienced that most of the real-estate “lead purveyors” out there are mass-produced websites with flashy marketing. They sell canned county data at a premium and get away with it. If a customer of one these places has any problems, there’s no number to call and no one accountable to their satisfaction.

USLeadList is run by three siblings who answer their phones when called, respond to their emails when sent, and who stand behind their product.

Give us a call us at (866) 711-1688.

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We Also Do Fulfillment:

If you need help with setting up your letters for direct-mail marketing, visit us at our sister-site, Our letters yield a high-response rate for a reasonable price.

We can print stuff and stamp your Pre-Probate list (at a discount) or any other real-estate marketing lists.

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See what some of our customers say!

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What is USLeadList?

USLeadList is your one-stop-shop to find real-estate leads for off-market deals. We sell lists of pre-probate inheritance leads for real-estate marketing purposes. Whether rural, urban, bull, or bear -- Our nationwide list has proven to be successful in all real-estate markets.

Below is a sample of what you can expect to receive when you purchase a list of pre-probate leads (The columns in pink are available with the purchase of skip-tracing).

An example of the data you could receive
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Frequently Asked Questions?

The most common questions about how our business works and what can do for you.

What is unique about our leads vs. other lists such as - PropStream, All The Leads, etc.?

Our competitors sell canned data which has been aggregated and sourced at the county level. These lists (Absentee-owned, high-equity, etc..) are created using extrapolated patterns in the county data. These lead lists are low hanging fruit – they are cheap to make and are easy to produce. The way we source the leads for our list is via our own proprietary data processing methodology. We take our data and cross-reference it through several different databases to churn out the most relevant and accurate pre-probate leads available to purchase. Our process has been optimized to maximize the yield and quality of our leads.

What is an inheritance/pre-probate list?

After someone passes, the assets they have accumulated over their life will then be dispersed to their heirs, also known as beneficiaries. Utilizing several different databases, we attach real estate ownership and other useful information to the individual who was deceased.

What is Included with the Inheritance List?

In situations where a homeowner has passed away, you will receive the property address, mailing address, property details, and owner information from the respective property. This is a massive opportunity for you as an investor and for the family. It very likely will provide a win-win situation for you to get a good off-market deal and for the family to have an undue burden lifted off their shoulders.

Why are your leads so expensive?

As described above, we create our own list. The process involves exhaustive cross-referencing and deduplication. In fact, our input data takes 6 passes through different databases to qualify for our inheritance list. Given the specialized nature of our inheritance list, our flow is highly custom -- and therefore expensive. To make these efforts worth our while, we charge a higher rate than some of our competitors. A different way to assess cost is to consider the price it takes to market our list. While it may be more expensive on the front end – our list is targeted and effective. Whichever method you use to market our inheritance list, you will find a deal faster with our list than anyone else’s. The bottom line is that our leads are more expensive because they are worth it.

What is the best way to market this list?

We encourage our customers to pursue any form of marketing so long as it is in accordance to applicable local and federal laws. However, given the sensitive nature of our list, we recommend using direct mail campaigns, so as not to disturb the grieving. We provide our own direct mail fulfillment service at Our customers have been successful marketing to this list in several ways – We encourage you to experiment to see what is effective for your target area. Let us know what works for you! Regardless which letter fulfillment service you use, it is very important that you use ‘First Class Stamps’. This is because First Class letters include mail-forwarding. Many times, the family of the deceased has gotten the mail rerouted to a different address. Regarding how to address your letters, after much testing, what works best is addressing the envelopes to "The Sextons", for example. We have also used "Mr. & Mrs." and "Homeowner" with equal success. If you want to put a return address on the envelope, use the back flap, address only.

How often should I mail this list?

We recommend a mailing getting sent out every quarter – Any returned mail or angry callers should be removed from your subsequent mailing campaigns.

Where do you get your leads from?

We source the input data from a series of private and public databases – these then get combined and put through our proprietary process to yield the final list.

What is the response rate from your list?

There are many variables to consider when looking at response rate. People will respond differently depending on the content of your letter, if you used a First Class Stamp, whether it was (or appears to be) handwritten, etc.. Generally speaking, we expect a response rate of 1 – 5%, but have seen it upwards of 10%.

Is Probate the Same as Pre-Probate?

No, the first difference is timing. As the term implies, pre-probate leads are involved with properties that have not yet reached probate. Typically, 1-4 months after the individual passes away, documents get filed which places the deceased estate into probate and into the process of inheritance. Pre-Probate is the window of time before the legal documents are published which denote the estate lawyer and executor of the will. The second general difference is that not every property will go into probate. Real-estate which is owned by Trusts, surviving spouses, or in joint-tenancy can bypass the probate process into direct inheritance.

How Old is Your Data?

We put out a new nationwide list each and every month. Our data is fresh, relevant, and ready for marketing in your area..

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Our lists lead to success for others; it can for you

“Your summer mailing list produced my first deal from ANY direct mail campaign I’ve used so far. I just closed on it last Thursday- $112,500 purchase price, $33K repairs and ARV around $200K. Although it was my second mailing it was the first list I had in my hands the day it was released.”

Dave Laub

“You guys are great! My partner and I purchased our first list from you and after our first mail out we got a deal! It was a net profit of $15K and we are very excited about your lists. Thanks so much for sharing marketing tips on how to work the leads because it worked! I’m looking forward to buying more leads from you!”

Lolita Sheriow

“I’ve had great success using usleadlist. My response rate has been very high. Simply get the list, and rely on the script and watch your business grow. Thanks Guys!”

Tom Miles

“I want to personally thank you for the high quality list, service, and support you provide. By far, this list has generated the most qualified leads out of all my campaigns.”

Branden Wright

“I want to Thank you for the great opportunity doing business with you, since the service you provide is very valuable to my business and my company. Your Company is on my TOPlist when it comes to inherited property owners. Your data list and marketing message is VERY accurate. Also, you provide great assistance in customer service helping to answer any questions. I have been using usleadlist since 2016 and have never been disappointed, since the accurate lead can come at any time, if you continue marketing campaign periodically with new data and also continue repeating the marketing from the previous campaigns. To prove that I will tell you that after repeated mailing list i received two strong leads in December that i just purchased and just sold both of them yesterday. The leads came from Spring and Winter Mailing list, which means that they were not from my newest fall mailing list, but from 2 previous quarters. The USleadlist works! Thanks again!”


“I have purchased the inherited property list from US Lead List. Knowing that I was only competing with up to 2 people per county was intriguing. I decided to go for it and have never looked back! In my second list I got a solid hit, a home run. If I hadn’t kept following up on this lead I would have lost it, but I kept following up and got it under contract. Once again I had the list, but it was up to me how hard I worked it. 3 bedroom/ 1 bath rambler Purchase $97,500 Repairs $40,000 ARV $270,000 Net Profit after cost of money and realtor fees $101,985 All it takes is one solid lead to more than pay for the cost of the list and the associated marketing. “

Donna from Seattle WA

“Just a quick note to say thanks for all the great advice! Since I began the Direct Mail Campaign using your list my profit margin has skyrocketed. Each time the list comes out I can count on finding at least on or two deals worth pursuing and the ones I don’t want, I go after the listing. I’m currently working on a rehab I bought in march which should produce $40K+ profit for me and my investors. The lead came from the most recent list I purchased from you. I still get calls from people who we sent letters to in January of last year.”

Tim Shannon

“USLeadlist has a product that is very useful for anyone looking for an investment property or a personal residence. I can't speak for other, but in my case i found a great property off of my very first mailing. I am strictly a wholesaler and the property I sold off your list should clear me a little over $10K in profit. You can't get returns like that anywhere else. You have an excellent service! I will be a customer as long as you are in business”


“Your lead list is awesome! i'm about to wholesale my seond deal that i got marketing to the list you provided. I've made over $12,000 from just one of your lists! Keep up the great work!!”


“We have tried USLeadlist as. our first mailing list alongside with the standard foreclosure and absentee owners list. We immediately got a hot lead with USLeadlist and now we don't bother with other lists. Every time we market our USLeadlist we have gotten a deal. Our last deal was a 21k profit in a week.”

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