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Inheritance List for real estate

Usleadlist and the Inheritance list.

In 2006 Lance and Terry the founders of usleadlist created a data source for real estate professionals. It merged real estate ownership and death. There was not a great name for this product at the time. It was different than all other marketing lists, so naturally they had to come up with a novel name to refer to it as, and this is how the "inheritance list" was born. Below we will discuss its benefits and usefulness in real estate.

Inherited homes: What are they?

When someone passes their assets are distributed to the beneficiaries though a process called probate. The estate is divided among the family in probate court. The probate attorney works until the assets have completed transfer through the probate court proceedings. The real estate inherited is what is called a "inherited home" perhaps it was their parent's home or someone close. We also capture other properties that would typically be missed by marketing to only probate. These are surviving spouses and living trusts where the real estate bypasses probate all together. Knowing how to market and talk inheritance leads is a critical part of marketing to this group of people. When done incorrectly it can be a significant wast of time and money.

Probate leads vs Inheritance leads.

Probate leads have a collection of information from the probate filings. You should expect if its available the contact info and phone numbers of the probate attorneys, heirs ,personal representative and executor. Probate leads are pubic information at the courthouse and can be good leads but there is a-lot of competition.

Inheritance Leads is generated before the probate process beings giving you a head start on marketing to the new owner. Inheritance lists have a different set of data you can expect the name of the deceased with contact info property address mailing address along with other pertinent info to connect with the inherited leads.

Who should use the Inheritance list?

  • Wholesalers

  • Real Estate Investors

  • Probate Attorneys

  • Real Estate Agent

  • Real Estate Broker

  • Financial planners

Real Estate Investor and Real Estate Agent Using Inheritance Leads to Find Inherited Houses?

Finding off market deals for real estate investors has become a huge challenge since the beginning of the pandemic. Real estate agents are also having a challenge finding listings in this current real estate market. Using a targeted direct mail marketing list of inherited properties is the way to connect with motivated sellers that have a need to sell their home.

When the home is inherited we have found that over 60% of these homes are sold within a year.

Real estate is red hot. There are less property owners willing to sell their own house creating a large inventory shortage. Market value of homes keeps growing as demand for real estate continues to grow.

Inheritance Leads = Motivated Sellers for several reasons

  1. They are not local. The property is out of the probate process and inherited they don't have the resources to manage it from afar allowing someone to purchase at a discounted price.

  2. The Property is bleeding money. The property is costing them to own while it sits vacant. This improves the odds of them being motivated sellers.

  3. Estrangement. If they had a challenging relationship with the deceased they will prefer cash than the home

  4. Sentimental They cared very deeply for the person who is gone and being there brings deep pain. As time passed the inherited property condition declined. They would prefer to sell for cash not get full market by fixing everything.

  5. Multiple heirs have difficulty working through probate and rather than one person owning the property they sell the house to disperse the cash.

  6. Money. Probate is expensive, costing 5,000 and often times much more just in legal fees.

What is the best way to connect with Inheritance leads?

From our 15 years of experience in real estate marketing we have found that direct mail is the best way to connect with the decision maker who has inherited a property in an estate.

It is worth trying other methods to find someone who wants to sell their property. We outline some of these in our article about real estate leads most of these methods are suitable but we have found that letters are the best connection to inheritance leads. If you do need any help with printing produce high quality mail pieces that yield the highest response rates.

Where To Find Inheritance Leads?

There are many ways to find Inheritance leads.

  • Going down to probate court and asking for recently filed probate cases.

  • Call Probate Attorneys.

  • Networking with friends.

The options listed will produce some inheritance leads. They are cheap but very time intensive.

Professionals with marketing budgets should consider our service to grow their business.

At we have Created a system where our clients enjoy accurate, timely and pertinent data that give a consistent supply of inheritance leads to gain marketing traction in your market.

Our fair pricing and exclusive spot for you will provide the traction you need in your real estate career.

Our Everlasting Promise To Solve Your Real Estate Marketing Needs

We deliver accurate inheritance leads on a consistent and reoccurring basis to market to right place at the right time bringing a consistent flow of listings and deals into your pipeline.

How is Different Than Competition?

  1. We only sell our exclusive data 3 Times. Ask your data provider how many times they sell their data. The best way to market is without competition at all, ask about purchasing all three spots if you want exclusivity.

  2. Our competitors produce less data at a higher cost.

  3. 15 Years of producing the original inheritance.

  4. Our Inheritance list has 60% more high quality accurate data.

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