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July 1st, 2022

What are real estate leads?

In this article we will discuss each kind of lead.

Real estate leads can refer to several situations.

  1. Seller real estate leads
  2. Buyer real estate leads
  3. Investment seller leads
  4. Investment buyer leads

Seller leads - What are they?

These leads are vital in this market. There is so little real estate inventory that having seller leads is the easiest way to generate income as a real estate agent. There are many ways to generate leads as a real estate agent or investor.

  1. Having a website offering home value estimates.
  2. Social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram leads)
  3. Direct mail leads.
  4. Local reviews on google leads.
  5. Community networking leads.
  6. Referrals or past clients leads.
  7. Purchase data from a website targeting your area of focus.
  8. Expired listings leads.
  9. Pay per leads from companies that specialize in finding sellers.
  10. Probate leads.
  11. Cold calling for lead gen.
  12. Text messages for seller leads.

As a real estate agent you can use all of these in combination to find sellers who are looking to list their property.

Buyer leads, How can they help your real estate business?

To attract or find qualified buyers to grow your real estate business you can employ many different real estate lead generation tactics.

  1. Pay per leads from companies that specialize in finding buyers
  2. Referrals or past customer relationship
  3. Social media leads
  4. Website visitors leads
  5. Open houses leads
  6. Business reviews leads
  7. Cold calling for buyer leads
  8. Text messages for lead generation
  9. Special landing pages
  10. Direct mail leads

Investor seller leads

  1. Expired listings leads
  2. Real estate professional leads
  3. Inheritance leads
  4. Direct mail marketing leads
  5. Text message leads
  6. Motivated seller leads
  7. Driving for dollars leads
  8. Probate leads
  9. Pre probate leads
  10. Vacant home leads
  11. Deferred maintenance leads
  12. Tax delinquent leads
  13. Crashing Credit leads
  14. Shut off water leads

Quality leads are the life of a real estate investors business. With out good leads and consistent marketing your business is going to suffer.

Investor Buyer leads(cash buyer leads)

When a wholesaler finds a deal, they need to have a pool of buyers waiting to buy the property that they put under contract. Good buyer leads are-

  1. Cash buyers(Have purchased property with cash previously)
  2. Contractors
  3. Fix and flip investors
  4. Other Investors

When you have a contract to assign a ready pool of buyers in the most important part of your wholesaling business.

How to connect with real estate leads?

The 5 main ways to connect with your real estate leads.

  1. Direct mail
  2. Phone
  3. Social media
  4. Texting
  5. Email

We will discuss each option

Using the phone to connect with real estate leads.

Cold calling is a valuable tool for building a real estate lead generation campaign. You can create person connections with the person who you are speaking with. Buyers and sellers are good prospecting targets for this method of marketing.

Once skip traced real estate data is entered into a real estate crm. This aids in the process of follow up, lead management, and lead conversion.

Cold calling is a great way to connect with buyer and seller leads, here is why.

Benefits of cold calling?

  1. You are talking directly to the buyer or seller.
  2. You can create a relationship that has emotional significance .
  3. It is relatively cheap to contact home owners.
  4. Often times because of the personal connection they are working exclusively with you

What are the challenges of cold calling?

  1. It is very time consuming
  2. When speaking on the phone, you have to endure frustration that buyers and sellers have when they are called by someone they do not know.
  3. You have to be extroverted, calling strangers on the phone is hard work even with the right personality, but can be painful for someone who does not like to speak to strangers.

Using the phone can be a very powerful technique in generating leads as an agent or investor.

Using texting to connect with real estate leads

Texting to generate leads can be a great option. This is a low cost way to communicate your interest to help buyers and sellers.

When Texting in mass you typically need a data provider to supply real estate ownership record and then have this information skip-traced. The data is then imported into a texting platform.

Benefits of texting real estate leads?

  1. Very Cheap
  2. Can contact large volume of buyers and sellers
  3. Texts have a very high delivery rate and one of the highest response rates

What are the problems with text messaging?

  1. They are illegal.
  2. They are illegal(I needed to type that twice to be sure you got the point)

While a great way to connect and make millions this marketing tool is considered illegal unless you have prior express written consent.

Using direct mail to connect with real estate leads

Direct mail is a tried and true marketing tool to help grow your real estate business.

Pick your real estate area of interest and buy real estate ownership data and send postcards or letters to your potential buyers and sellers.

What are the benefits of direct mail?

  1. Hyper targeting the customer you want.
  2. Physical mail arrives at their door that delivers a message until it is thrown away.
  3. Direct mail can be given to another person .

What are the drawbacks of direct mail?

  1. Direct mail is expensive
  2. The real estate lead could already be getting other mail pieces.

While direct mail is old, it is also proven. This outreach stands as the longest tested and most successful way to reach real estate leads and make more money.

Using social media to connect with real estate leads

Social media for real estate lead generation is popular and a good way to create buyer and seller leads for real estate agents or investors. It works well because you can hyper target down to a zip code and also it is very scaleable.

What are the benefits of using social media to generate leads?

  1. Can be done completely free.
  2. Scaleable ads when you find the right message to connect with leads.
  3. Can be automated
  4. Best way to connect with younger buyer and seller leads

What can be hard about using social media to attract real estate leads?

  1. So many options, and if you are not technically savvy this could be overwhelming
  2. New leads may move on quickly to another site or offering if not closely monitored.
  3. Contact information could be fake and end up wasting your time.

Using email to connect with real estate leads

Email marketing for real estate leads is a good way to connect with many leads with without much time or money. It is vary scalable but collecting emails organically is slow. This is often cured by purchasing a list of emails from data providers. Email marketing can send leads to special landing pages.

What are the benefits of using email for real estate lead generation?

  1. Scalable.
  2. Low cost per contact.
  3. Can be automated.
  4. Create unique content that is pertinent to specific groups of buyers and sellers.
  5. Easily turn leads into website visitors.

What are the problems with email marketing?

  1. Gathering emails is slow. Buying email lists is not smiled upon typically.
  2. Poor lists=poor email delivery and your carefully crafted message ends up in the spam box.

Success with email is limited unless they already know you and your company.

At USLeadList we are real estate marketing experts. Let us help you find real estate success.

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