From Alaska to Hawaii, from Florida to Califonia, U.S. Lead List has an ongoing supply providing you with the best source for finding motivated sellers. If you have been working the many, varied ways to find leads (i.e., contacting foreclosures, probates, NODs, bandit signs, door hangers, classified ads, walking the neighborhoods, etc.), it is time to use your time and money more wisely. Our highly targeted list yields quality responses from homeowners seriously looking to sell. With four plans to choose from and with new addresses every quarter (January, April, July and October), U.S. Lead List offers the means for a continuous flow of motivated sellers to build your business. Contact us for a plan to fit your budget and the area you would like to live or work in and you are ready to start.


Call us today at 1.866.711.1688 or click "Free Quote" to get started TODAY! With your first list purchase you will also receive a copy of our USLL letter, script, educational audio file and a consultation to go over your mailing campaign.

We also broker a few different lists that our investors have found successful (Property Tax Delinquent, Foreclosure, Absentee and High Equity). Please feel free to contact us for numbers and pricing in your area of interest.

Found a property and need to know the current owner and mailing address or a forwarding address for returned mail? For a quick and easy solution at an affordable price, go to Property Tools.